• me:well, since i've been on tumblr for the past couple of hours i guess it's time to start my homework
  • news:two SJ mvs to come out tonight
  • me:...... i can start hw later right
  • Reblog with your favorite song:
  • 2NE1:Can't Nobody (the English version)
  • 2AM:
  • 2PM:Go Crazy, I'm Your Man
  • 4Minute:
  • Akdong:
  • B1A4:
  • B.A.P:Power
  • B2ST:Good Luck, Beautiful Night, Fiction
  • Big Bang:Bad Boy
  • Block B:Nalina
  • Boyfriend:I Yah
  • Boys Republic:
  • Crayon Pop:
  • BTOB:Beep Beep, Wow
  • BTS:No More Dream
  • Eric Nam:
  • EXO:Thunder
  • F(X):Nu ABO
  • Girls' Generation:Genie, Flower Power
  • Got7:A, Girls Girls Girls
  • Infinite:
  • IU:
  • JJ Project:Bounce
  • JYJ:Mission, Get Out, Back Seat
  • LED Apple:
  • MBLAQ:Smoky Girl
  • Nu'est:
  • Orange Caramel:
  • Red Velvet:Happiness, Be Natual
  • SHINee:Basically every song they released in 2013
  • Shinhwa:This Love, Venus
  • Super Junior:All of them
  • Sunny Hill:
  • Tasty:Mamama
  • Teen Top:
  • TroubleMaker:Trouble Maker
  • Topp Dogg:
  • TVXQ:Crazy, Ten Years, every song off of Mirotic and Catch Me
  • UKiss:Doradora
  • VIXX:Ottokaji, GR8U, Error, Eternity
  • Winner:
  • Teuk said the repackage song will be so handsome to the extend that you feel like scolding someone

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    Bias so strong you need to cover them on the screen to pay attention to any of the other members

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    I can’t believe the luck I’ve been having with photocards recently. It started off when I got Minho in Everybody earlier this year. Then I got Suho on Mama and Chen in Overdose. I got Siwon in my second copy of Bonamana version B. Then I got Kangin AND Kyuhyun in my copy of Mamacita version A, and Nichkhun’s CD in Go Crazy (I know that’s not technically a photocard but I’m counting it as that). To finish it off, I got Tiffany’s card in Twinkle, and one of her cards (the one I wanted more than the other one too) in Holler.

    Holler FINALLY came in today. I am so happy because I got Tiffany’s 4 panel card, which is the one I wanted more than any of the other ones. I’m so excited to have two Tiffany cards now!


     ‘MAMACITA’  Photoshoot Making